Corporate & Commercial Risk Consultants & Solution Providers

D-Tect the company has evolved since its inception in 1997 into the new company brand of PD Corporate Ltd with its sister companies of UK Confidential Legal Support Services and professional investigations services provided through the aptly named Professional Detectives. The principals and operational staff are predominantly from law enforcement backgrounds, forensic technology and associated specialist sectors.

The founder is himself a former career detective with an exemplary police record and continues to be an extremely successful investigator, who used all the valuable experience and expertise gained conducting criminal investigations in his police career, involving fraud, theft, robbery, and locating fugitives from justice and many other types of investigation to establish one of the best and most professional risk management and solutions services in the UK.

D-Tect promises all of its clients a discreet, confidential and professional service based on Integrity, high professional standards and the vast experience of it’s highly skilled team of investigators and security consultants.
When choosing an agency to help solve your problems, please do so carefully in this unlicenced industry that allows the unscrupulous and criminal elements to operate without restriction. Always ask questions about experience, qualifications and skills in this sector and also professional indemnity insurance. Seek referrals and recommendations wherever possible.

The security and general investigations sector is currently unregulated in the UK this leaving the unsuspecting client open to abuse, fraud and long term damage to both business and reputation.

Wherever possible - mitigate risk to you and your company as much as possible by doing some basic research. As full members of such bone fide organisations as The Association of British Investigators and Ex Police in Industry & Commerce both of which are self-regulating and apply strict codes of conduct and ethics, you can at least be assured that by instructing D-TECT you have already begun to mitigate any such risk.