Close Protection, Body Guard Services, Protection Services

Our close protection and body guard services are designed to provide a safe environment for the client in travel to and from your destination, whether for you or members of your family or business. The threat of danger comes in many forms and may be politically motivated, or just plain cash motivated leading to hijack or kidnappings. Our well trained security operatives in close protection are licensed under the Security Industry Act and trained to identify potential risks, vulnerable areas and real or potential threats, and deal with them with the least inconvenience to the client.

chaufer services, security operatives, close protection servicesOur approach in these matters is to conduct ourselves professionally at all times, use discretion at all times, and of course draw the least attention to our clients under the prevailing circumstances.

D-Tect has provided secure and discreet close protection services to both the business and Celebrity sectors, but has also conducted close surveillance at clients homes for the safety and protection of families when the client is away on business etc. An additional arm to our close protection is that of chaufer services using specialist comfortable and well equipped limousines, and where there is no requirement for actual security, but more of a need for privacy and discretion for business purposes.