Fraud Investigation, Insurance Fraud, Cheque Fraud

Fraud is by any other name: theft by deception.

In January 2010 the National Fraud Authority published the first Annual Fraud Indicator estimating fraud losses in the UK to be at least £30.5 billion a year.

A fraudster is a thief who can see an easy target, whether it is a single person, a group of people or a business or other entity who are deceived into the belief that the transaction is genuine and will produce the result expected. Victims include Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs and Department of Work & Pensions, and anyone or any business big or small who are defrauded by the deceptions such criminals develop to attack their targets. theft by employee can often involve a deception (fraud) perpetrated either by themselves or in tandem with another employee or maybe one of suppliers or even a customer. 'fiddling expenses' is a common complaint.

Stealing property or stealing cash and trying to conceal this fact by some other means such as false invoicing, or false records, supplying false details to obtain credit, altering payee details, and such things as cheque fraud and anything that gets the fraudster a better deal or remuneration such as false job applications are all on the increase. Trying to detect this type of offence requires at times sophisticated methods of investigating.

missing father, missing mother, beneficiary tracing, tracingInsurance fraud is a massive problem, whether perpetrated by an exagerrated insurance claim, a false or fraudulent personal injury claim, or false report of theft of household contents or any fraudulent claim involving a car accident.

Our private investigators are all seasoned police detectives with many years of criminal investigation and fraud detection experience and expertise, and we can advise you on the best ways to firstly stop the process, and secondly, to try to gather the evidence sufficient to prosecute the fraudster.

we can gather evidence of theft or stealing by deception (fraud) from many sources that include the forensic examination of pc's, laptops and mobile phones. The serial fraudster who can operate on an international scale now uses skype communications to conceal true locations, and is adept at using various telephone systems particularly in the uk, to appear that they are indeed local when in all probability the fraudsters are operating in africa, the far east or the usa - and not manchester or london as they tell you. In fact they are most likely to be based anywhere across the globe using every means to conceal their trail of deceit.