Forensic Examination, Criminal Activity, Mobile Phone and PC Forensics

Who is abusing their position in your business? Who is passing your company client lists or industrial secrets to a competitor? Computers, mobile phones and in fact any data storage equipment can contain valuable evidence of fraudulent and other criminal activity that could destroy your business or seriously harm your profits and the futures of your workforce.

computer forensic investigations, mobile phone forensics, ukForensic examination of such devices can reveal vital evidence of crime committed by your staff and if detected quickly can save your business.

We have been successful in identifying many conspiracies to commit fraud from our forensic examination of such equipment and along with support services including the covert observations and surveillance of suspects we have identified and in many cases recovered our clients assets that had been stolen during the course of such criminal activity.

Our forensic science professionals have many years expertise and experience working both in the private sector and the police service in major fraud investigations.