Mystery Shopping, Poor Customer Service, Theft by Employee

Mystery shopping can help you and your business analyse your business from a fresh new view, as well as ensuring it is not vulnerable to crime, health & safety issues or poor customer service.

mystery shopping, poor customer service, theft by employee, customer accident claimsAsk yourself these basic questions:

  • Do you really know if your staff is able to provide a proper, polite and professional service to your customers?
  • Do they project the right impressions to bring those customers back to your business?
  • Do your employees maintain a clean and safe environment for your customers to shop in?
  • Do they also have the required product knowledge to impress the customer and stop them shopping elsewhere?
  • Are your staff trustworthy- what are your stock taking and sales figures looking like?

When running a large or indeed any small or medium sized business, it's easy to be distracted and take your eye off your staff irrespective of how far they are away from your control. It's usually the case.

All businesses are vulnerable to theft by employee - workplace accidents caused sometimes by fraudulent claims by employees - customer accident claims caused by poor management of the public areas in shops and showrooms for instance.

Take the initiative and protect your business, your workforce and your assets.

D-Tect will provide a service to you that will expose any problems and lead to a safer and better managed business that retains its professional standards and customer base and therefore its profits.