Process Server, Process Serving, Enquiry Agent

D-Tect Investigations has provided the Legal Sector with a nationwide and also International facility in serving legal documents for many years. Whether this involves service of bankruptcy petitions, injunctions or witness summons, we are able to provide a quick, efficient and safe service to our clients.

Choosing your process server or private investigator or enquiry agent from a directory or the Internet to carry out your instructions can work well and never cause you problems, most of the time. However what if your process server has no experience, is not notified with the Information Commissioners Office, or does not possess Professional Indemnity Insurance? Are you prepared for the possibility of litigation if the enquiry agent acts improperly, dishonestly or just totally unprofessionally and does not possess any of these basic requirements?

It is in the interests of all Solicitors and other Legal professionals to conduct basic due diligence to mitigate or completely eliminate risk of reputational damage and protection of their clients confidential files.

process server, process servicing, bolton, manchester, uk, north westBeing members of The Association of British Investigators, our Principal and field agents have all the right credentials including clear criminal conviction certificates, no records of bankruptcy or County Court Judgements. D-Tect is notified with the Information Commissioners Office and fully insured to provide the best, and most professional service of legal documents to all of its clients.

We provide a nationwide process service, supported by Affidavits or Statements of Service as required. Remember - choose your investigator, process server, or enquiry agent with care!