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In the current world of economic constraints, rising unemployment and redundancies, it follows that crime increases accordingly. Survival is a human resource and when people become desperate some inevitably turn to crime. Your Assets and commercial property are always vulnerable if not protected. security is something that many businesses do not take seriously enough - until it is too late.

security operatives, close protection servicesIt is not always the thieves without - But the thieves within you may have to worry about in these harder times when money is tight temptation is on the increase.

Our professional security advice could be the difference in retaining a viable business and riding the current hard times, or going under because the vultures in the form of the opportunist or organised thieves, have landed and picked all the meat from the bones of your business.

Investing in security methods for asset protection purposes makes sense and once in place that added security will pay for itself over and over again by keeping the thieves at bay.

Whether this professional security advice from our security consultants takes the form of CCTV installation or upgrade or perimeter fencing, alarm systems or access controls, or even workforce monitoring we take the view that if you are advised properly, with the most appropriate and cost effective systems for your business, then such advice may be the subject of referral to further potential clients, as we take great care and pride in maintaining integrity in all our business dealings.

Let D-Tect deal with your asset management, security, and workforce issues and provide you and your company with professional, discreet and honest security solutions or advice.