Covert Surveillance, Covert Observations, Mobile Surveillance, Surveillance Investigation

When we talk about surveillance, we also mean observations, whether this is observing a person or observing premises. Watching people or observing premises can take many forms, such as covert or overt observations or overt and covert surveillance.

Observing people who are suspected of theft for instance may involve the use of either covert or overt methods. The same applies to people or employees suspected of making false injury or sickness claims. Covert surveillance is in most cases the chosen method.

In the workplace a suspect employee will know where the company CCTV is placed and usually which areas it does and does not cover and react accordingly, thereby concealing any illegal activity.

D-Tect has installed many covert cameras in premises or even outdoors at certain venues to identify employee theft, or identify areas where fraud is committed. Our success rate in the detection of theft and other illegal activities, such as drug abuse in the workplace, bullying in the workplace, and even contrived industrial accidents in the workplace, is second to none.

We at D-Tect conduct mobile surveillance or static observations depending on who or what we need to observe. Covert equipment is disguised to fit in with its surroundings so there is no suspicion from the suspected person. We can also place covert equipment, into parked unmanned vehicles, and also have numerous devices that can be body worn to record video and audio and also build our own bespoke surveillance equipment for specialist locations and projects.

Our business client's instructions invariably involve suspected illegal activity, or suspected theft by employee. The theft of diesel is a very common offence committed by employees as well as suspects entering premises illegally to do so, or the theft of stock. We also employ similar surveillance methods when conducting matrimonial observations involving a cheating partner or cheating spouse for instance.

Vehicle trackers used in surveillance investigations can be deployed discreetly on a vehicle and provide control of that vehicle's movements 24/7. A record of all journeys, all stops and length of time a vehicle is parked up, can assist the investigation, and can support your suspicions about a suspect employee, cheating partner or cheating spouse. Followed up with manned surveillance, D-Tect can obtain the video or audio evidence to put you in the driving seat.

Surveillance and observations can make the difference in issues such as:

  • Workplace crime
  • Fuel theft
  • Drug abuse
  • Bullying
  • Insufficient security
  • Health & safety
  • Catching a thief
  • False injury claims
  • False long term sickness claims
  • Employment tribunals
  • Claims of unfair or constructive dismissal

covert surveillance, covert observations, mobile surveillance, surveillance investigation, observing people, overt observations, surveillanceVideo or audio recording, vehicle tracking, static or manned observations, and static or mobile surveillance methods all help to get you the evidence to put you back in control.

Our highly trained and skilled personnel have all been trained to Home Office standards. All have vast experience in the surveillance sector and are from backgrounds such as the Police and Military. Our operational staff all use sophisticated equipment, state of the art communication systems, and conduct themselves professionally and with utmost discretion and integrity. Surveillance operatives are fully experienced in giving evidence at court or a tribunal.