Witness Statement, Witness Interview, Interview Services

D-Tect's team of private investigators around the uk are seasoned interviewers many of whom have learned their craft in their long Police careers. A witness statement is usually the most crucial part in any legal proceedings, supporting other evidence such as medical matters, vehicle accidents or examination of the accident scene by a qualified assessor. STATEMENTS that contain as much relevant information as possible about the incident can go a long way to reducing court time, and therefore the costs involved in witnesses having to personally appear at court to give evidence.

The majority of interviews conducted by D-Tect Investigations relate to road traffic accidents, industrial injury claims, and also witness statements in relation to criminal matters. Our experience both in civil and criminal law is extensive and we are able to provide support to our clients in all areas of corporate, commercial and private investigation.

D-Tect also provides specialist interview services using our highly trained team who conduct interviews using video and audio in very sensitive cases, such as child interviews or other vulnerable or hospitalised or institutionalised people where their evidence is crucial to a case and their attendance in court may not be possible. Such interviews can also be transmitted live to other countries via video link where a Legal representative or client may be present. Such interviews are conducted and accredited by The Home Office with regard to 'Achieving the Best Evidence' guidelines.